Saturday, October 27, 2007

You, me and the broken hearts

For all the hearts that been broken
For all the tears that been shed
For all the souls that been falling
For all the lies that been said

For all the dreams that faded away
For all the love that can never stay
For all the times we tried
For all the years we lived and smiled

For all the pain you caused to me
For all the passion inside of me
For all the wishes I wished for us
For all the people I no more trust

For all the scars in her and me
For everything you turned to be

It’s time to heal and change my life
It’s time to cut your picture with a knife

It’s time to leave all the past behind
It’s time to get off the dark, long night

It’s time for you , her and me
To move on
And forget the word “HE”

Sunshine (20)

1 comment:

Banota said...

nice poem .. I love ur words ..and I feel its...keep writtin' .. best writer ISA =)