Sunday, October 28, 2007

Colg wasn't like everyday...i missed my colg best friend and dear sister mona =(...she's sick so she couldn't come.

and really i felt so sad coz she wasn't around...i really felt i miss her alot
she always make me laugh out loud!, the funniest gurl i've ever met =D

i really hope she'd recover soon so she can come...MISS HER

i felt i wanna cry...most of ppl at colg r my frineds..

but i have only 2 who r so close to my heart...2 tht i hate to go to colg when they r not there.

i'll pray for her...

miss u dear =( tegy bel salama isA

1 comment:

Banota said...

thank you sweetie for ur lovin' me .. wa7shteeeeeeeeeeeeny aktar .. ana nafsy wallahy a5ef awy awy 3ashan ento bgd wa7shtooOOOoony kolko awy .. w enty aktarhom wallhy ya sun
( big kiss from me )
best friends forever ;)