Sunday, December 28, 2008

=( it's too bad to start a new year so much pain and tears...what happeneds in gaza tears up the heart..
i hate it when i see it on TV it makes me feel i wanna jumb into the screen and scream at everyone..i also found out tht many ppl r killed around the world but we don't know anything abt them..
this disgrace humanity
no one deserves to die no matter how bad or good they were..
sometimes i hate the fact tht i'm a human being, so far all i do is tht i stand , watch, write and pray..
i hope i can be forgiven for tht
Rabena's so hard to live in such fear, the fear of sleeping and never wake up and the fear of losing a beloved one infornt of u...

God be with u gaza ='(

i wish the new yr wouldn't b much full of blood

Thursday, December 25, 2008

life is one big damn lie, it's funny how ppl simply walk away they would do ANYTHING to stab you from your back and lol abt it..and there is only one time "choice":

- bend and beg and be pathetic loser
- be cold harsh and tough and don't give a damn..nothing really maters
- get over it with no comment and shut up for the rest of ur life
- hate ur self forver and keep regreting tht u were even born!
- be in an endless confussion...which one u should pick

i'm totally messed up :s and now out of my mind

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The fake princess of fake

You build your own castle of sand
Full of all your dreams and thoughts
Out there you sit on your throne
You sit there all alone

The princess of fake
There she hides in her fantasy world
Behind the broken hearts
Beyond the hopeless dreams

The castle is empty,
Nothing but a garden
With the trees of black roses
And her teary, blooded sea

The place is full of solitude
She doesn't let anyone in
She doesn't show her weakness
She only shows her faking strength

Laying down under the rain
With her head under her hands
Letting no one to feel her pain
Carrying her sorrow on her back

She seems fine and everything is alright
While she's hurt and broken inside
On her throne where no one can see her
She bends and cries all night

The princess of fake
There she hides in her fantasy world
Behind the broken hearts
Beyond the hopeless dreams

She broke the habit one day
She decided to end it her way
She fell apart in her teary sea
And that was her last note
Signed as "the princess of fake"

* now i'm back on the poetry track...i just wrote tht today..and so glad i did*

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i've always thought tht writing is the best way to deal with shocks maybe tht's y most of my poems and thoughts r full of sadness..
it's the 1st time now tht i can't deal with a shock, i found my self so out of words like a numb person.
sometimes we wish tht we'd die or tht we were never born...and tht's how i feel.