Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Living half-human

With all the events revolving around i always choose to say whats on my mind within writing some times i'm lucky enough to turn it into a prose, poem or even a song...
few days ago i decided to go out without my car (i regret this), apparently it's hard for a girl nowadays to
walk peacefully. people don't understand that even the verbal sexual harassment can be painful , it might be only few nonsense words , but they explode like loaded pistols...i usually put on my headphones and make it as high as it can to avoid hearing anything, it isolate me from the world and all i can see is people miming in front of me , i don't bother to know what they are saying.
i wish every jerk would know how painful it is, and every MAN would feel how terrible it is when he just walks away and do nothing.
this is for every girl and every woman who deserves to be precious...

This is me..
Even though you don't want to see
This is me.. no one else
This is me, I'm using myself defense
I'm that girl In your neighborhood
That girl who was raped in front of you
With a silent scream in the night
Calling for humanity
Washed with shame
Accused of insanity
Is it me who should take the blame?
Or the blindness society?
Is it me who should bare?
All the insults with your wicked stare?
I'm your sister, who walks in fear
Who walks head down from the words I hear
I'm the one left with a broken pride
With no one except God by her side
It's me, I'm every woman
Who lives half dead, half human

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random thoughts

seems that life will never leave me alone, as usual one of those days where u feel u want to kill someone..i hate being angry,i hate the feeling of vendetta and only saying "7asbona Allah" that makes me calm down
why can't just people drop their loaded mouth and quit scratching our dignities with their nails and teeth like animals..
just like other girls...i feel humiliated..i feel wounded...i hate the fake society we r living in.i feel insecure, i'm mad at the whole world and i can't take it anymore.
i'm sick of being treated like a half a doll...anyone would smash and crash on their way...
i wish i can kill every rapper , harasser, heart breaker and who ever thinks he can step on a pride. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Complete the jigsaw in me =)

Does the one always has to be like you? do we look for similarities in relationships?
i've been always searching for someone who can be exactly like what i love , hate what i hate. i thought that this could build understanding and harmony.
but the fact is, it will build boredom, life will be so boring and there will be nothing wont have the chance to discover each other, to share the things you like and the things he fight over things coz both of u want it their way and then someone gently compromise and sacrifices  with a huge smile on the face...
just a big jig saw, we complete each other instead of being like each other and make a pattern