Saturday, April 18, 2009

New arrival

a new soul will come down to earth, a new member will join our family.

i’m looking forward to c her =) to c her growing up with the rest, i can’t wait to hold her, kiss her little cheeks and hug her warmly.

Princess Sohyla will arrive to our kingdom isA =) 

Friday, April 17, 2009


today i went through all of my old stuff, my old even songs.

it made me shiver, i was happy and wished if i can go bk to those days one more time..and live them again *would it b the same*?

after long searching on my laptop, i found myself into the old ts boards…the black universe theme with the orange half sun in the middle. just the layout was enf to flash back these old days, i still remember my username and password, so i took a look around.

it was nice yet sad…i’ve seen bk all of those people i once lost on the way.

i guess everything has an ending point

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

October’s Road

starting from 6 of October city all the way to mohandeseen, going to tht mag. wishing i can just leave my article and GO…wasn’t in a mood to attend any meetings and hear more of the bla bla bla..

the headphones r in my ears all the way, listening to my fav songs which reminds me of my past, the best and worst moments in my life all together at the same time.

it’s funny how u laugh till u cry ur heart out, i don’t know wht do i want now, do i want to turn back time?, but y? i’ll still b the same..and i’ll still have the same situations.

do i want to get over? i tried and failed, all i do is just move on and change, pretending that it’s all over while it burns my heart every time i recall it accidently.

i walked for a while till i reached the mag, and thank God my wish came true and i left my article and ran quickly back. i kept walking till the bus station…and now on the way back to 6 october..

i just can’t stop thinking, sometimes i miss my own self, i miss how i use to be,and how i used to feel…

sometimes i think as..”if only i didn’t…” but what now! it’s too l8 to think and useless to think abt the past coz it is a PAST,

as i almost reached bk home i found my eyes tearing,i don’t know y i’m crying..but i feel as if there is a revolution inside of me…objecting on everything bad happened to me, asking me to release tht beast captured inside of me…letting it out of the cage..letting it take it’s revenge from those who hurt me the most.

i was near the mosque and decided to pray and go home…and so i did  

all the pain I've been through

and still i can’t let go

Saturday, April 04, 2009

everyone should starts somewhere, i still didn’t find the perfect place to start from , but i will try to start from what i have now..maybe i can change it to b better or maybe it will lead me to another better place..

i’m just riting anything coz i don’t want to stop writing. there is so many thing inside my  mind  but i don’t know why i dont rit as much as before so.. i’ll try to rit all the things running through my head.

sometimes i don’t know wht i want?…can i really b a writer? a journalist tht rit abt ppl and for ppl?, a person who would leave sign before she dies?

i feel i’m starting to move in actually this post proves it somehow , maybe i might b slow but at least i started..

i want to rit abt blogs so wish me luck with tht , till now i haven’t think of much..but i’ll finish it b4 Wednesday isA.

befor leaving i have some questions tht i will answer l8er…

does wearing a veil contradict with being a human?

r ppl getting lamer ?

can we decide who deserves to die and who don’t?