Sunday, May 04, 2014


It all started one day when i decided to attend "Socrates cafe" i had no idea wht am i going to do there or who am i going to meet, i absolutely knew no one there, except for the name of the person who announced it...
Bassem Sabry, 19

yes, i knew him since he was 19 years old...finishing college (i was just starting mine), i remember myself back then, i was a very shy teenager, very quiet, passionate about writing and interested so much in philosophy..tht's y i was attracted to "Nirvana" articles.

i don't know how did i changed, but i consider it a huge turning point in my life, it helped in creating the person i am rit now, more confident, very full of hope and believe so much in making a "change"

"Be the change you wish to see in the world", by Ghandi but in fact....this was his life i always quoted him instead...he enlightened my life path with his knowledge and thoughts...he believed in me so much that he helped me to publish my 1st poem...then my 1st writing...he refereed to me as "Sunshine"...he always called me so...he actually helped me to "Shine" and i never stopped using this name since then...i never stopped shining either =')

just few days ago as i was checking some old things, i came across my "Paradigm shift" notes...all those notes u sent to me on the little yellow said " Hello focus =) " , the other said " keep notes of what people are saying to able to write the article" and the third said " write notes but participate =)" 
that day was my beginning of my writings.
My new perception in life...all thanks to u...u opened my eyes to look through see things actually filled the empty glass of water to show me tht the glass is never empty...always full of hopes and dreams...dreams that can be attained...a nirvana that can be created..i know i thanked u before...but i'll never stop...coz it's never enf.

My friend and old brother...i never wished to live the day, where i would wake up and hear you are gone..
i appreciate everything you did to me...everything u taught me...

You'll always be are already remembered with everything good you did.