Friday, December 28, 2007

A psychic poem by a mad girl

Nuts…but do you know
I’m crazy about you
I’m nuts…I know
I even made my hair blue

Sniff…sniff my nose is cold
Sniff…sniff I can’t hold

You made me go crazy
You idiot! You lazy
You just couldn’t say a word
That would simply change my world

Have you seen what you’ve done to me?
Now I’m nuts…are you happy?

Sip…sip I’m drinking some tea
Sip…sip I’m too blind…I can’t see

I thought you liked me
I saw it through the eye
But you never said it
Can’t believe it was a lie

Have you seen what you’ve done to me?
Now I’m nuts…are you happy?

Click…click what’s that I press?
Click...Click...What’s all that stress?

Why the hell don’t you leave me alone?
Why the hell your heart is like a stone?

I’m out of my mind….
Do you know why?
Because I drew fake wings
And wanted to fly

But you let me fall down that I broke my hand
That’s when people said that I gone mad

Have you seen what’ve done to me?
Now I’m nuts…are you happy?

By: Sunshine

i'm suppose to be studying for my exams, instead i found myself riting poems to complete my 1st poetry book...still one place left for a final one...

anyways this poem is part 2 of a poem i wrote with the name "how can i forget" tht i wrote 3 yrs ago...i rot this poem for the same person..well...i'll leave u with the poem now

A recovery stage

I thought I’d never let you go
But life made me do

As you forgot me long ago
I only begun stop thinking of you

It’s too hard to let go of the past
Too hard to admit it won’t last

What’s harder…
Knowing that you were too weak
Too weak to fight for what you seek

Didn’t I worth it?
Or was it too hard?
But it seemed easy to leave me with a broken heart

No more tears to cry
No more
Because my eyes got dry

Time seemed to stop since we were apart
Don’t I deserve like you a new start?

I’m tired of feeling how pain tasted
Regret about the time I wasted

It’s already been too long
It took me years to know I was wrong

As for the wound you marked
It will still be there
Only buried inside my heart

I’m not the first and won’t be last
Who will be recovered from her past


Friday, December 21, 2007

Life is like a teacher u never stop learning from it, i've been looking at my life l8ly and i kinda lol abt it...loads of things happend and many are coming up.
why am i riting this? don't ask

today the sky was so was the best blue colour i've even seen in my blue like sea, i couldn't stop staring at the cloudes either...
6 october is really a gr8 place for meditation...every single day. it makes me feel i wanna hug the space..
few hours was raining...i stood in the rain, never felt the cold, i felt i was washing my self..from the past maybe or might be from the present.
i've always loved this word...
also Meditation
Chaos *i don't know why*
I am Human...i noticed tht recently...i breathe...i feel..wait a sec. wht did i say..i feel?..FEEL, wht does feel mean? feeling?
how do we feel? does everyone FEEL?
does everyone feel pain , love , care or even hate? like when u hit someone..kiss someone or even hug...isn't tht sweet?...wht does sweet means? how does it taste in our minds or hearts...
wht am i saying?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear All:

i'm sry i've been away for along time , but i'm so busy n'exhausted =( colg is taking all of my time , i can hardly sleep or eat...still didn't start studying for the final exams...which is going to be on 30th dec. and i'll be done on 15th jan isA.

so happy Eid everyone and happy new yr in advance =)..i've missed my blog and everyone around..sry tht i'm not here but i promise tht i'll be there soon isA and check wht i missed.

I wish i was a butterfly:

rabena ye3enk sweetie and really no need to apologize el mohem tht u feel better soon isA...we isA we'll have a chance to talk soon...rabena ma3aki ana bad3elk bgad =).

i miss everything even myself...all i need is ur prayers for now plz

thnx everyone