Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meaningless Random thoughts

Sometimes things just go in a wrong a way we never a way we never thought of b4 just coz we keep our hopes and faking dreams hanging in front of us.
we see only with our eyes...and understand things only the way we want...and every little thing would mean the world no matter how small it was.
we never tried to look out of our selves, we keep searching and searching for the perfect picture but we never c it completely till we wake up and face reality.
and suddenly......we start falling apart...asking why? how? and when?....without knowing tht it wasn't there from the beginning.
yes! it wasn't there....there was nothing there more than our own imagination. we try to put things for wht's missing...and there is always something missing, and we don't understand why it was there from the beginning.
Sit bk's gonna be alright...there is always this little bridge tht we build to get over things...take God's hand no one else can help u through this.
think abt wht u have better than wht u couldn't coz crying over things r a big waste of time. don't b afraid to take risks coz u'll always fall down and get bk again...and some things really worth trying...

قلب المؤمن بين اصبعين من يدى الرحمن يقلبهما كيفما يشاء

my head is gonna explode with my meaningless random thoughts =).

p.s: "أنا عند ظن عبدي بي،فليظن بي ما يشاء"

Friday, March 04, 2011

Random thoughts

i miss my random thoughts,venting with wht so ever in my head. what's wrong with me?!
Subhan Allah, it's amazing how things change all of a sudden, only a simple twist of fate. yeah sometimes it's change to things tht we never wished for, but it always turns to be something pretty awesome at the end, something tht we never expect tht it would happened to us.
we might not see the sun bright at the way,but it shines at the end. after a day , month or year it still shines.
we only need some "sabr" and alot of "yaqeen" then nothing else to "lose" =)
i've been thinking alot...praying alot and crying's takes alot of guts, some time to settle things up, clarify mind and soul.
may God gives me nothing but Sabr and Yaqeen, and inshaAllah things will be alright.
inshaAllah...inshaAllah...ya rab.