Saturday, December 31, 2011

old random thoughts

i remember that day...not the exact date but it was a new year ever. in those days we cared about nothing...we were so young  we were so silly =). we enjoyed the moment. every single moment.
we were so pure like a morning dew drop we had no responsibilities.
i remember that day, we made a party, we played the music out loud and we colored our faces and we danced and danced ....we jumped around the house and of course we had a pillow fight =)
we were together...always together but now...i wouldn't b riting this if it was still the same.
i miss those days...i miss the feeling of childhood...i wish i can turn bk time.
i miss all the things i used to do...i always keep saying so...but i guess every phase has to end and a new one with new ppl must come.
nothing we can do except keeping those floating memories inside our hearts...get back to it when u miss it.
i wonder how things will turn to be this waiting for the surprise and hoping for the best.  
may 2012 become cheerful and beneficial, may God protect us and send the best towards us.