Friday, March 30, 2007

it's my 1st experiance on stage, but it was a gr8 one...though it's tirying but it was so much fun , seriously i was dying the past 2 weeks, i go at 8am and come back at 10 or 11 pm !! tab3an kont badele2 3ala el serer bedon ay nekash !!!

i learnt many many new things to do most of all carpentry!! lol can u believe tht! , i have tht pic me sawing a BIG wood loool * no way i'll show it to anyone =D* i colored some of the decorations too...and i had colors ALL OVER ME =D

i loved making lots of things in the play. i made 2 roles with my voice (a little gurl ) and a prince called (Fares) totaly different i know...but it was so great..esp tht day we went to record in the studio!! 1st time to be there...actually it was the 1st time to do everything!!...

the hard part was making the puppets and learning puppetry, till now i can't believe tht i MOVED ONE =) and it was my best of prince Fares el forsan lool , i loved moving it tht i wanted to take it home with me =D really i loved tht puppet, i don't know y maybe coz it's with my voice...

i also made a very cool presentation and they loved it awi awi awi....

besra7a i'm so proud of my self , esp tht our lead told us tht we will performe it in culture wheel and masra7 el 3arayes isA...

the very best part was when my family and friends attened the play...tht made me overwhelmed , except for some ppl who couldn't made it =( like my dad...i wished they were there too...bas isA in the nxt show

Monday, March 12, 2007

I hate it when ppl say " i can do it , i can do it!!" , and just a mint, after..."well...ummm..uhhhh...i'm not so sure esra7a".....BET2OL LEEH MEN EL AWEL!!!!!
tht's wht he always do to us (grrrr)...yes the guy i was talking abt in my previous post!!!.
he is just someone u can't count on at all!!!..all he do is talk talk and bla bla bla talk!!!!....and i'm really sick of this!!!!. can't anyone stop tht guy!!!.

i think i'm the one who should hold my temper alittle bit, this week is so tiring , awful , short and EXHAHUSTED.
i'm tired of the many things i have to do in short time.
i'm tired of how angry my friends makes me.
i'm tired of yelling at them (and dah! they still don't listen)
i'm tired if being asked to do STUFF and STUFF for others
i'm tired of everything...... i need a break.

bas keda for today

Friday, March 02, 2007

I ask my self this question alot...and really wish to ask it to tht person whom i hate at colg, really...enta 3abet yabny ???
i hate to hate someone or even just dislike him/her but tht boy drives me nuts...sometimes i feel i wanna kill him!!.
whenever we talk...he raises my temper and i just wish to scream at him as much as i can....he's a lier and pretender and wht we say here....3ayesh el door we 3amel nafso 7aga.
and i hate this kind of ppl esp when it's a guy...
i already quarlled with him abt 2 or 3 times.....and looking for more...esra7a it's more like...batlakeklo =D
rabena yehedeh ya rab....we i hope tht he MOVE not only from colg but from the whole WORLD.
he makes me so angry and sick.....i'm sure tht one of us will cry at the end of the year =D.
can u imagine tht I GET ANGRY!!!
ufff....i don't know wht's wrong with my blog..i can't sign in from home but i can from aother places :S...hope i can fix tht soon...
if anyone knew a solution plz plz tell me