Saturday, April 24, 2010

random thoughts-13

i'm so sleeeeeepy i had one big gr8 day...bas i'm happy :) still confused but happy. i went back home to my sweet home embaba (L) today. it's gr8 to have those flashback every once in a while. i really wanna finish this yr ba2a :( and rest! can't wait till may !
i feel i'm getting weirder every day lol and ppl just can't stop talking abt it. and i really don't get me's like i'm doing very random - un related things to the what ever . that makes me one freak akward character :D.
i don't know where am i going...bas i don't want to drift away....i hate building hopes esp when i know tht it's 150% not gonna work. i admit i do hang with very thin strings.
i really didn't get anything from wht i'm riting now....i'm just laying on my bed with the laptop on a pillow and letting my random thoughts out before i go to sleep...and now i should really sleep coz i'll wake up early again :'(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random thoughts-12

my life have been so confusing...i hate beeing busy! grrrrrr it's been a long while since i wrote a good poem :( or even an article.
i started to do more things in my life...keeping my mind busy busy....but i still think and sometimes bad thoughts control my head. i miss those days when i used to have happy dreams and thoughts before sleeping..
and once again a question pop into my head.. who am i? and wht am i doing here?