Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random thoughts

Few yrs ago when i started writing in teenstuff, it's was like the beginning of a new life... a starting point for a completely different phase.
it wasn't me who made tht turning point, it was the ppl i met at that time. a boy and a gurl who looked at life with a different perception, they were totally different yet seemed like twins they had one very big common thing "they've been through very hard times in their lives". i was like a little child between them, learning about life, perhaps we haven't seen each other so many times through those 7 or 8 yrs but i remember each and every time we talked or went out...
sub7an Allah, we were separated for sometimes and maybe have n't spoken in years, then after a while we had a little chat every now and then.
i've seen how much they changed and how their perception started to change, change to the extreme, they became apart in fact they even hated each others after becoming very close friends. i was stuck in between as i had a good relationship with both, in fact i had great time with each one of them.
and here they go....with a second disappearance. i didn't know tht this disappearance would be for good.
it's was really hard to know all of a sudden tht they both passed away, different timing and different place and also....different way.
it just made me feel how much God is merciful and fair, they way he made things for us, the way he teach us nothing is more sentimental than tht. i had great memories with those 2 friends, some of them r stuffed in a box, a birthday card...few picture and an old tape for the cranberries. in fact i owe them for the change they left in me...
Still breathing...
Blue rover.....
mayb God rest your soul, forgive u, and reward u with Jannah
i'll stand in the line and wait for my turn =)

Friday, September 16, 2011