Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy new year to me

The news of today =), it’s my birthday and i’m officially 22 years old, looking forward to a better year.

i got loads of sms

loads of emails

loads of facebook msgs

and loads of calls =)

still some ppl didn’t bother to remember

and weird, there were ppl tht i don’t even know wished me a happy birthday

anyways…..i’m a lucky happy person =)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random thought-3

Yesterday I went through my old things , writings…papers….cards…diaries. the funny part is I found out that I kinda right the same thing in different year , strange that I still have the same feeling.

It doesn't seem like a nice week to me, I'm afraid whenever my birthday is close that I actually kinda forgot it this year , or I'm trying not to remember it ….few days and I'll get one year older, although I've wanted to achieve many things in little time,I still didn't get anywhere closer to what I wished for.

It sometimes breaks me into pieces

It sometimes makes me feel I wanna die instead of carrying on

But I still say to myself tht I should keep going, there is no easy way, but there r people on my way who believes without even knowing me well.

Which actually surprises me, why I don't believe in myself tht much?

Why do I wanna b a journalist while I hate everything I write?

Why do I want to play music while I feel tht I suck in it?

Many things brought me down to earth tht I lost my breathe, but the angels around me lift me up.

So, I should get up now right? And show out my best…

From my the deep of my heart, I wish it's a better year.

p.s: I stole the title "random thoughts" from a dear friend of mine "missing link"who started a post once with the same title and I liked it so much, thank u a lot for it =)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random thoughts-2



Qadr Allah wa masha2 fa3l

elhamdolelah anyways….tomorrow will b better isA

la3alhu 5yran

Monday, June 08, 2009

Random thought-1

ive been lying to myself, i admit this. maybe coz i never got to let out wht i wanted to say or maybe coz u spoke directly to my heart?

i know nothing will bring us back and i have nothing to hold on with, i hate the fact tht u still cross my mind and i hate the fact tht i actually...... kinda like it

" maybe i didn't get better, but at least i'm different".

yes...i'm different...i'm stonger and became numb,sometimes i miss my old self and tht's y i sometimes miss u as well, coz u were a pretty much...part of it

i hate to tell u tht "wht goes around comes around", i have no hard feelings but it's not at easy as it seems.

"and when we meet, which i'm sure we will all what was there will be there still, i'll let it pass and hold my tongue and u will think tht i moved on"

i'm sorry i had to let this out in a way or another.

tht other day my best friend told me " ppl come to our lives for a reason, a season or a life time" and as long as u were only here for a reason u shall leave, would u?