Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Happy 14th anniversary =) !

Between all the girls I know who took off their veils I decided to celebrate the day I wore mine, unfortunately I can’t remember the day but it was around summer 2000.

14 years of struggling.. people who were trying to convince me to take it off, people who stopped talking to me after wearing it and most of all people who give me the “look” when they see me.
For wasn't so easy as I thought….

it’s not easy when you go to the beach seeing all the bikinis or attending prom and weddings seeing all those short, sleeveless , gorgeous dresses.
It’s not easy seeing all those summer clothes…seeing all those hair styles especially when you have a nice hair.
it’s not very easy to wear a veil in Egypt especially when you are very ambitious person with multi-talents like me =D

it’s not easy when you find your friends taking off their veils after wearing it for a looooooooooooooooooooooong time, I never asked anyone of them “why” they did it , or what changed their minds about it? But from their changes I knew it was getting rid of restriction, which actually made me have some doubts…maybe second thoughts…after all I’m not a perfect person my mind was full of “what would happen if?” and I wondered what am I missing exactly?
I decided to look back again at my life and see what did the veil actually bounded me from doing, it was really hard because I couldn’t find one single thing!

In fact I realized that it made me…free.

Free from the restrictions that the world put and loaded us with, the discrimination hidden under a fake “democracy”
I literally did everything I wanted to do…. I worked in magazines after being rejected by sum because of the veil, I played music even though people never stopped opening their jaws from the shock!
And finally I was rewarded with having an amazing man in my life, who sees me beautiful and respects the way I am. I didn't
miss anything in the world!

I guess those reasons are more than enough to make me hold on to it forever , may God gives us all the strength  to hold on in this world =)