Monday, February 16, 2009

Trapped outside

i don't should i lol form what happened or should i cry from pain?
my friend visited me last friday and i was home alone, she rang the "intercom" and i took the keys hanged on the door and went to open the outter door for her.
as i went out...i found tht i took the wrong keys, so i waved to her to wait and oops! the door is closed :S
so i was out side the apartment and my friend out side in the yard !
i went up for our neighbors and asked them to open the the door for my friend , so as they did it was both of us out side the apartment now..
we stood for a while and kept laughing like hell!.
luckly...we live in the 1st floor so i can easily jumb through the balconey and open the door for us, tht would simply b done only if i left the balconey opened =D
thinking and thinking...
then decided to give it a shot and try to open the balconey or even sit in it =D, so i went to our other neighbors to borrow a knife and a ladder..and actually they were pretty helpful and their son suggested to help us.
so he jumbed to the balconey and tried to open it *its locked with shesh / terbas and glasses* and the mission was faild.
i noticed after a while tht i left one window side open..and here came the painful thought..
i took some chairs and stood on them and startes cutting (the thin selk 7aded) to enter my hand and open the window......
thank God it worked out! but as i entered my hand then let it out =D it was so full of blood the metal was so tiny and painfull tht i had scratches all over my arms...
but TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the window is open and my neighbor jumbed inside and opened the house for me and my friend =D and we still couldn't stop LAUGHING *ay ay ay*

New brand exprience

i quit my job..i couldn't take it any more, i hated waking up every morning and going to the office *it's worse than drinking milk*..i'm so happy i finally did it and i considred my self lucky coz i left just in the right time..coz things seemed to b getting worse..some changes needs to b done.
i took a rest for few days and will apply as an english teasher in my sister's school..they need teachers badly these days..and as am still jobless so i thought of giving it a shot i wont lose anything pray for me coz am gonna be a KG teacher, and am not so good in dealing with kids :S

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Random thought -4-

Me…I'm one of those people who think that bad luck is their only companion, especially yesterday I felt so bad and started hating myself. that's what I usually do…I torture my self, I always find it so easy to blame me even for things that I have nothing to do with it, and I find joy and satisfaction every time I hurt my self mentally or physically. Even thought the blood caused by the physical pain, the mental one caused more deep scars in the heart.
Many times I've asked myself…why on earth anyone would commit suicide. How can any one do such thing? This is one way to end up a problem, but no one looked or searched enough for the other ways, at least there can be a happy ending.
The two sides of the Pepsi can

Long ago we had a theory of the tow sides of the glass of water, half full and half empty, it's simplify the way you look at your life.
As I adore Pepsi I decided to call it the "Pepsi can theory"…….. to be continued

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Random thought -3-

At work
two more hours and i'm gone! can't wait till i leave it forever, i better make it soon. i just need your prayers and your prayers =D.
i hate routen
i come at 9 am...make me some coffee, then sit and receive the emails, print them, send them by fax...answer some calls...make some calls...then eat...then sit infront of the laptop for hours thinking of anything to do so time can pass.
i wait
and wait
i write a little bit
answer emails
answer phone calls
then wait
and wait...
few hours...
5:50 i close the laptop and clean my disk, put my stuff in the purse and wait at the door till it's 6pm!!!!!!


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Random thought -2-

Ever thought of leaving egypt?

I might do, in fact I'm planning to go somewhere else, my aunt is in London and my eldest sister will travel to KSA in few months.
I've thought of starting a new life where I can build myself, I know you'd probably say.." you can still do the same here", but sometimes we need to run away from everything and start over one more time at least to clear your mind.
Still, life wont be so easy especially if I went to London I'll have a problem with my veil, and if I went to KSA I'll have a problem with being egyptian lol.
I'm dreaming of making my masters degree, I want to learn, DO and breathe journalism until I open my magazine.
Apparently, I'll feel homesick, it's not easy to leave everything behind, my friends , family , life , air , home…
Now I can imagine myself…
I'll b missing everything even the tok tok boys…
I'll miss the bad things I used to hate as I'll miss the lovely, sweet things.
I'll miss myself being there
I'll miss every single place I went to.
And of course I'll keep hearing my favorite dalida's songs, 7elwa ya balady – salma ya salama and a7san nas… shereen's song " mashrebtesh men nelha" and latifa's " 3ash2ana". I'll listen to them every now and then till my eyes look like two wety ping bong balls.
All of this is just a thought

p.s: I'm thinking of releasing my 1st poetry book

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Change the channel

I read about something called change the channel, where all bloggers are suppose to write positive posts about Egypt.
I thought it would be nice if I joined too, but I realized I haven't written any negative posts about Egypt from the first place to write a positive one.
Egypt as a country isn't bad, in fact the people of the country are the only one who can give a bad or a good image for their country, culture or religion.
So we'd find that the main problem is in the people themselves, still people are not the same so we can not judge a whole nation for some of them even if these "some" are pretty much!
I admit that most of Egyptian movies really SUCK between every 10 movies only 2 or 1.
All of them have the same theme (which shows every single bad thing in Egypt), it's not a problem to indicate our negatives…but what's the point??? We already know what's going on! Maybe we should indicate solutions for our problems or the positive things so people can have some hope! On the bright side we came up with new genres of movies which are silly comedy / repeated tragedy and fake action =D
It's frustrating…

i actually prefer the social comedy movies like ahmed helmy's style….he's a genius who worth a " hats off"

that's it I'm done writing today

Sunday, February 01, 2009

A sudden happieness group of events

in only few days....

one of my best relatives got married

my antimate 2erayet *engagement this month isA*

my sister's sister in law *one of my best gurls* 2erayet fat7a

and finaly.....

one of my BEST friends was engaged!!!!




3o2bal my other best gurls ya raaaaaaaaab