Sunday, November 13, 2011

random thoughts

so far u r the only one who knows wht goes in my little heart, i can't reveal whts inside. maybe coz i don't find the words. i don't know how i feel. d i feel hurt? sad? all i know is tht i'm facing an emotional disturbance.
yesterday, i felt i was going to die and i just couldn't stop thinking about death all the time.
i'm  not afraid of death *i keep saying el shehada every now and then just in case*, i'm just worried of how am i going to die ?! in this year i've lost 2 of my good friends in 2 different accidents, and Sub7an Allah they ended up in completely 2 different ways.
The more i feel his love the more i feel that my end is coming. am i good enf to enter heaven??
i feel so exhausted , so helpless, i wonder when i'll close my eyes....and never wake up... 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Random person

he's not only a thought , he's a person..sum one i know and like calling friend =). well, i never knew tht he reads my blog i was pretty surprised,so i hope he understands tht this one is for "him".
i call him the smiley guy, for that he has a very nice msA, a smile that makes u feel the world is a better place and leave everything behind
maybe God put a smile upon ur face forever =)