Sunday, May 08, 2011

The dream guy in my random thoughts

The one…dream guy…or simply the prince on the white horse =)
Every girl has a dream of a guy…the perfect guy or whatever we call him =D. he’s simply the man who we all wish for since the day we were born and keep on searching for him our whole life till we finally fall deeply into love.
Usually girls dream of the perfect person…the one who is as cute as ahmad ezz , tom cruise or brad pit. Or even some of us can go for the amazing Islamic figures.. sami yusuf , moez maso’od or Mustafa hossni .
We focus on searching for these guys who would look exactly like them from the outside ;) and the inside ofcorse. Then we end up with a completely freak person =D
For me I’ve always been in love with the same person, and I just miss him more and more everyday knowing that he’s out there looking for me as well.
This person is neither like actors nor like other celebrities. He’s a very special person, a one of a kind,a combination and a fix of different characters.
My dream guy is a person who.............
 is as strong as sydna “Musa”
as handsome as sydna “Yusuf” ;)
 as wise as sydna “Nu’h”
as modest as sydna “Essa”  
as merciful as sydna “Soliman”
as tolerant as sydena “Ibrahim”
as patient as sydena “Ismaeel”
and loves God as much as sydna “Mohammed” =)

I know he might not exists but I have no doubt that God will send me the rit guy, and till he comes I’ll be a better person inshaAllah and he’ll be the best man in my eyes and ofcourse in my heart.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Random thoughts

They asked me about my scarf
I said, it colors my life
It’s sometimes red
White and black
I wear them together
 They become my flag
I wear it proudly,
 Not ashamed from anyone to see
They asked me about my scarf
I said it represents me
Represent every breathe and every beat
They asked me about my scarf
 I don’t care about what they say
I don’t mind the tough words
All I know is what I wear
Means something to my lord