Monday, October 31, 2011


everything is going to another direction not sure if its to the worst or better i have to c it all first to know. i thought i can do it by myself but its not tht easy as it seems. at sum point i wish i can share this change with sum one, maybe tht would add the tune to my life.
i should learn to let go of ppl, no one really stays forever as we all promise for some reason we have to walk on our own sweet way. it doesn't mean tht we r forgotten but it means tht a phase has ended and we need to move on for the next stage,
just like changing ur mobile , laptop or even look. its like closing up a chapter of ur life , box it up inside ur memory and visit every now and then when u feel tht u miss this part of ur life.
its all boxed up bad and good together and when for instant u get bk to it, all u do is close ur eyes and draw a big smile enjoying the ecstasy of  getting back to it.
i don't get to do the things i used to do b4 i don't rit or read tht much and i don't even play guitar. however i started doing new things i started teaching more i started studying more and being responsible for big things.
i never thought i could b tht neither thought could b this. but i'm sure tht God puts me into it just to make me learn more abt myself to learn tht i can do things i never thought tht i can.
the more i prove my self the more i feel tht my end is really close.
i don't feel sad abt it as long as i've done wht i'm here for, i only feel missed and wonder when am i gonna c all my beloved.
maybe tht y i don't want to be alone?! maybe tht's i feel tht big empty space within me?!
well for now i'm trying to cope, i'm trying to be on my own in case if its going to be tht way =) hoping from God tht it would b otherwise and he's the only one who knows which will b best for me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random thoughts

i believe God puts me into these things for some reasons, i'll probably know very soon isA
لا يكلف الله نفسا الا وسعها
i can do it isA since he's the one who put me into it, he'd never put me into something bigger than me =)
so since her believes me....i believe in my self as well.
i know i might be cutting many thorns on the way but isA he'll guide my way. i just can't understand few things, i'm alittle bit confused and i don't want to listen to my inner devil...i do it unintentionally and i start to have those un-real thoughts.
i wish ramadan can be here to comfort me =(