Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random thoughts

Why do I feel that I don’t worth it? Or am I dreaming too high?, I can’t reach my sky. I feel so small in this world. Like I don’t deserve anything. It hurts to think this way.

I don’t wanna b like that. Maybe it’s just loneliness, I miss all the people who rn’t here anymore. I hide my tears and keep them till night.

I just have that big empty space that nothing fulfills. Did I exceed my own expectation or I just have my own freaking perception.

I wish to end up everything, I wish to kill these beautiful dreams, I wish I can stab my heart and stop those heart beats.

My dearest God, please help me please, I have no one else here. Totally no one else but you.

I’m waiting…


And waiting….

Give me the strength to carry on waiting.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Random feelings

i'm sick , i'm tired..little bit sad , confused. i feel like crying, i don't wanna get weak, plz God don't let me b weak. what's the wrorst tht could happened huh?! i'm hurt already so wht's the point.
i'm still breathing, and still alive...taking part in putting a smile on every face i meet..yet can't even draw a fake one on mine.
my throat is killing me now really, i need to cry. plz don't ask me y