Sunday, October 07, 2007

life is so confusing..
a moment make u happy
the folllowing make u sad
y do we always seek happieness?
is happieness gonna make us happy?
is there sumthing called happieness?
i don't i happy?
even happieness make us tear sometimes
is it normal to feel ur life is upside down?
is it normal to feel sad without a reason?

i was told many times tht my words r full of sadness
but it's a part of wht inside me
i'm not pessimistic
and i don't know y am sad now

days r passing i'm not feeling with much progress
i feel i'm wasting my time breathing
a bit useless
i'm tired
am i killing myself?

i want someone to slap me on my face so i'd wake up

p.s: thnx for whom stood by me all the nit chatting..i really appreciate tht and sry for wasting ur time =) i'm glad i gained a new friendship


abo salah said...

بعد السلام عليكم

Certainly a moment make us happy
Certainly the following make u sad
Certainly even happieness make us tear sometimes

this is the life with our contradictory feelings

Thus the life seems mysterious , but this is the normal

u aren't pessimistic , but u need to be more optimism

if u serious about wanting someone to slap u on ur face , iam in service 24 hours

i joke only , don't anger

but u don't need to that , u need to discover urself more and be more optimism

with my best wishes

w kol sana w anti taiba

SunShine said...

i am optimistic walahi bas i only feel sad...and really i need a slap coz i wanna wake up and stop making myslef feel tht way...

SunShine said...

i forgot to thank for staying all the nit with me =D

thnx alot =)

abo salah said...

بعد السلام عليكم

ياستي بتشكريني علي أيه بس

دا أنا اللي مفروض أشكرك علي معرفتك الجميلة دى

ودى حاجة تزيدني شرف والله

أنما أنتي فينك النهارده؟ مش باينة يعني؟


abo salah said...

أيه ياستي أنتي فينك؟؟

SunShine said...

ana aho =D