Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I hardly slept the past few days , but today i totally couldn't sleep
today is the 27th of ramadan..lalylt al qadr..
ramadan went so fast and soon all the demons will be free again one more time

so prepare for the war...

tht reminded me with the quote in the terminator movie "I'LL BE BACK" loool

u know honestly i found out tht there r humans who r worse than the demons and devils them selves...yes... and even deserve more than HELL

anyways i decided to enjoy the last moments of ramadan...no matter wht and no matter who
i want to feel the bless

i want to catch anything before the world becomes up side down again

اللهم انك عفو كريم تحب العفو فعفو عنا


عبد الرحمن أبو بكر said...

اية البوست الجميل دة

انا بجد سعيد ان في حد افتكر عن ليلة القدر وقد ايه الليلة مهمة
لانها ممكن تغير حياتك كلها 180 درجة

وانا متفق معاكي ان شياطين الانس اشد ضرر من شياطين الجن طب شياطين الجن وكنا مستريحين منهم بقي لنا شهر انما شياطين الانس دول نرتاح منهم ازاي

كل عيد وانتي طيبة

وربنا يتقبل منك ومنا صوم شهلاة الكريم ويغفر لناو يغفر لنا ذنوبنا اجمعين

SunShine said...

thnx alot =)

Wish I were a Butterfly ... said...

U r totally right, Sunshine.

We will all miss that month a looooooot.
I wanted to write my feelings about the last 3 days in Ramadan... but I felt I just couldn't do it. I'm gonna miss it a lot..to the extent that I don't wanna do anything except approaching to Allah these last few days.

Hope u the best, sister. Thank u sooo much 4 ur comment, it really pleased me. and... rabbena yataqabbal inshaAllah.

SunShine said...

thnx alot butterfly i love ur blog =) we isA God ytkabl menena all

Banota said...

I'll miss this month
bas raban yetkabal mena ISA ....

SunShine said...


Laila Hussein said...

Ramadan Kareem dear sister,
I discovered by incidence that I have the same profile picture like you :), nice coincidence.
Anyway, I like your blog, keep it up !

SunShine said...

lol gr8 and thnx sweetie happy eid to u