Thursday, September 28, 2006

What goes through your mind?
As you sit there looking at me
Well I can tell from your looks
That you think I’m so oppressed
But I don’t need for you to liberate me
My head is not bare
And you can’t see my covered hair
So you sit there and you stare
And you judge me with your glare
You’re sure I’m in despair
But are you not aware
Under this scarf that I wear
I have feelings, and I do care

CHORUS:So don’t you see?
That I’m truly free
This piece of scarf on me
I wear so proudly
To preserve my dignity...
My modesty
My integrity
So don’t judge me
Open your eyes and see...
“Why can’t you just accept me?” she says
“Why can’t I just be me?” she says
Time and time againYou speak of democracyY
et you rob me of my liberty
All I want is equality
Why can’t you just let me be free?

For you I sing this song
My sister, may you always be strong
From you I’ve learnt so much
How you suffer so much
Yet you forgive those who laugh at you
You walk with no fear
Through the insults you hear
Your wish so sincere
That they’d understand you
But before you walk away
This time you turn and say:But don’t you see?
That I’m truly free
This piece of scarf on me
I wear so proudly
To preserve my dignity
My modesty
My integrity
So let me be
She says with a smile
I’m the one who’s free

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Last beat

Blup dup...blup dup
my heart beat stopped...
i woke up and found
many ppl gathering around
it seems i'm dead
they r all crying loud

oh God! i'm in a gr8 pedition
no more chances
too l8 for submission
my life is full of sins...
so how am i going to stand btw ur hands?
how am i going to face u?
if i took my book with my left hand
how did u keep talking to my friends?
and 4get to pray the dawn
none of my friends r with me now
i'm dead and all alone

how can i b such a fool?
and didn't realize everything you gave to me
how can i be so cruel?
and don't thank u for wht u did to me
wish i could turn back time
and do my best to reach heaven
it's too l8 to regret...
but can i still b forgiven?

blup dup...blup dup
my heart beats again
thank God it was just a dream
so plz 4give my sins
My merciful lord
thank you for ur bless
thank you for giving me another chance
and reminding me of death

Monday, September 25, 2006

it's not like every yr =( i don't know y , last yr was better than this one.... it was like real ramadan...i miss the old ramadans anyways loool....
seems tht i love the old's true i like to keep all the old stuff the reminds me of ppl or events. yeah my disk doesn't have any books or colg notes or anything it's full of papers and other weird things like cinema's tickets, letters , cards, pix and some coins....
i feel so lonely in here....after i used to have the eftar with my parents and 2 it's only me and mom :( , my both sisters r married now...and dad is mostly working and can't join us :(
something strange happened to me.... one of my old friends called me a guy from my english lesson to tell me happy ramadan...i was so happy :) he usually calles me every now and then to check on me which was so sweet of him coz i rarely ring him aslan....
there was another friend too with him...we used to take the english lesson at 3rd sec. and it was the funniest lessons i used to take... always loved it they were awesome looooool
me and shahinaz used to laugh like hell , it's gr8 we kept in touch till nowdays....
well...when ahmed called i totally forgot to ask him abt abdel rahman... :( so i said 2 my ok i'll call ahmed soon isA any maybe we can meet all of us wala 7aga...we used to spend very very very good days i wont ever 4get them :) was shainaz , she said...."guess who called?"," who?". shahinaz" ahmed alaa!" , me" ohh he just called me too we byslem 3aleki :), so how is abd elrahman?"
shahinaz," shams....abd elrahman mat". , me" EH!! ENTY BET2OLY EH!!"..shahinaz," ah ya benty walahi ahmed lesa 2ayely...3aml 7adsa fel new yr ely fat." me , "shahinaz wht the hell ur saying!!! enty btklmy bgad...ezay...!!!
one thing poped in my mind....i remembered the valentine day..when he gave eachone of us...a chocolate heart shape....and we rot our names on it.....

no comment

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

i miss me as a child though i feel i'm still a child =D i'm a big child
i still have most of my dolls and bears even my powerpuff gurls dolls! yeah i love them!
tht pic reminds me of some gr8 memories...i'm tht little one on the rit wearing a red strange sweatshirt lool, then the little kid is my neighbour, then my sister yasmeen wearing the dark green sweatshirt (mom made it) then the one on the left is my neighbour's sister... they were our next door neighbours we knew eachothers long long ago even b4 i was born....we were like a family spend most of our times togthers , birthdays , outtings almost everything but they just moved few yrs ago :( and wern't close as b4.
tht day in the pic was the new year...and we were celebrating at our house we did thoses cute maskas =) they were gorgeous....and we had some ballons and dicoration...then mom cooked some cool food and dad brought us some presents all of us...we also used to have a medium christmas tree with all the balls and stars on it.
it was a gr8 day with loads of fun we played played and played =D
oooh childhood.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Am i weird or it's just my hair? looool
i dunno i feel i'm....not like the others :D or maybe i c life from a completely different view.
it's funny how some ppl act...esp the mean ppl who r doing their best to bother me
c'mon guys!
i'm not tht bad am i?
some ppl said i'm cute , sweet , kind and even smart !
honestly i believe i'm just a funny person who love to make others happy...kinda think it's my job here =D
so no need to be jealous from me :S (i hate to say tht) but look around u'll find ppl how REAL cute , sweet and smart :D and whtever
u really don't have to love me...but don't try to pretend so coz i know from the heart tht u don't like me at all =D
It hurts when u act so tough
but i'm sure i'm still ur love
you want me 2 4get
but how can i do tht?
when i still feel u around
i still c ur picture
i still hear ur sound
and u want me 2 4get
but how can i do tht?
Do i 4get how much u loved me?
how can i do tht?....
how can it be?
when u promised me once....
tht u'll never leave me
No doubt! i believed u in tht
even when things went alittle bad
Trust me....
wht happened isn't against us at all
God wanted to catch us b4 we could fall
cause if we fell we wont get up
and maybe our love spark would stop
So don't worry....
wait and u'll c
God want the best for u and me
i know u'll still ask me 2 4get
but really...
i can't do tht.

"tht was the 1st topic i posted in teenstuff boards =) yeah a poem! and thank God many ppl liked it =D it made like 3 pages when it was there....i made this blog to write my poems in it so i thought abt riting the old ones's not my best but it's one of my fav. hope u like it too ;) beeep =D"

Sunday, September 17, 2006

it was one cool day thought it started with a scary morning lol!
ok when i was ridding in the minibus on my way to colg , and there was tht gurl beside me when i saw a big spider with very thin , tall legs :S!!! and yes i hate insects so did she =D so i was paniced :O !! but i kinda freaked her out looool
then i arrived colg peacfully...
i was gonna say to hi to a friend but i found her screaming " WE HAVE A LECTURE NOW!!" =D loool so i ran to catch the lecture and found my friends inside..ohhhh i missed them alot esp, shroq and mona :)
but really i was soooooo happy to c them all !!
the subject seems interesting this term photography , directing , psychology..... it's a busy year
i hope from my heart to do my best....and get emtyaz ya rab!!!
wish me luck ;)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Although u easily get nervous....
Although u don't understand me sometimes....
Although u spend most of ur time at work...
i really miss u when ur there....
and love u so much....
ur so kind and lovely...never saw someone with ur's coz ur my father....but everyone who knows u says so...u should hear wht my arabic teacher used to say abt u he once told me " babaky dah ana bay7rgny be zo2o 3ala tool , aqna batkesf men kotr el 2adab ely hwa feeh" he also told me tht i'm like u shewaya.....
i'm proud to b...wish i can make u proud of me too....
tht day when u appeared on TV i told alllllllll my friends =D i was sooooo happy loooool
u looked gorgeous i always loved tht blue suit on u ;)
i know tht title u took "safer masry lel seya7a" isn't a big thing at all =D but it seemed like u became the president or something loool esp when u were checking hands with ahmed nazef...and thoese other ppl i don't know.... =D
ur so tender....trying to make everyone happy....can't 4get tht day when we went to the grave yard and i kept u kissed me and hugged me....ohhhh it was the best hug i ever had!!!! was so warm and tender....
oh!! i saw u when u teared at my sister's weddings!!! i never wanted anyone to notice huh!!
ur the best dad anyone can have....thank God u stopped smoking i was pretty worried abt u
just plzzzzz don't be nervous keda men 2a2al 7aga :( and plllllllllz calm down when i drive the car =D u know i should b driving u one day....
love u
thank u for everything u did and everything u want to do for me
for making everyone happy as long as u can

i new colg yr :( ...... u know this yr is the worst ever......
everything was terrible :D * bas elhumdolelah*
ya3ni...colg was terrible esp doctors :S they were asking for weird stuff :S (don't understand it wrongly u bad minds =D).
well putting ur final exam :S is a weird thing isn't it?
one of the doc. who likes me and my best friend asked us to put or final exam....beta3 el dof3a kolaha :D ofcours we didn't tell anyone....but it was weird...for a while i felt like doing a wrong thing :S bas ya3ni.... i put an exam :D
ummm...there was tht doc who gave me and my group 4/10 :D though we were the best.... i cried alot when i knew the grades, and when we went for her...simply she said " oh it was mistake :(...isA tet3wad nxt term :S?!!!
all i can say is.....7asbona Allah wa ne3ma el wakel feki ya Omima!!! yala kolo bytla3 fel 3'aseel :D
tht was really frustrating i wanted to skip tht yr esra7a bas aho...elhumdolelah

wht else was bad.....
my beloved grannie's death....the whole thing was a shock
it was all in a sudden....sub7an grandpa was the one who was ill....then she fell apart mara wa7dawithout even complaining from something.....
i can't forget these days....been hard for all of us...esp my dad... he used to visit her everyday...and stay at my grandpa's...also cheering everyone up as if everything is ok...
i loved u grandma....i loved everything abt her....she was the kindest person i ever seen....she loved me sooooo much and she was totaly the best cooker ever!!! i loved her food more than my mom's lool , she was extremly beautifull too she had a dark green eyes like ambers (my other granie had a lovely blue eyes ,i wonder y my eyes r dark brown then >_<)....and her hair was a silky,light brown one, when she was young....and when she got old she looked amazing with white hair!!!
simply....she's lovely , sweet , kind , and everything nice and pretty :)
miss u granie....wish u could c me as a bride as u always wanted.....
i'm glad i dreamt of u b4 u pass away....glad tht i kissed u one last time b4 u go....
i'm a bit lucky

another bad thing......
me and beloved seems we r crumbling....i don't know but we r not the same maybe coz we both got busy....
she says i hurt her.....and i feel she did.... no matter who did... i love her as i always do...
and need her beside me like always.... both of us been through hard times and i understand tht
just hope she does too
love u shahinaz

" i think it's one sad , frustrating post =D lool so i'll probably end it wasn't my year :D "

Saturday, September 09, 2006

it's the first time to rit a song =)
actually i have this turkish rock song called (one moment with u) so i wrote an english lyric for it....

One moment with you

Don't tell me it's over
don't tell me we are apart
no, don't kill me with these words
don't leave me with a broken heart (*2)
it doesn't really matter
who was wrong or right
all i want is one moment with you
to feel you by my side (*2) chours
for the sake of the love we had
can we still work things out?
i still love you from my heart
should i scream it out loud?
it doesn't really matter
who was wrong or right
all i want is one moment with you
to feel you by my side (*2) chours
for the sake of the love we had
can we still work things out?
i still love you from my heart
should i scream it out loud?

it doesn't really matter
who was wrong or right
all i want is one moment with you
to feel you by my side (*2) chours
to feel you by my side
to feel you by my side

it's not so bad isn't it?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

No romantic girl
"Don't think of me
Don't love me
Something broke my heart long time ago
Someone stoned my heart
I don't even remember who
I can't be in love
'cause I'm no romantic girl
I'm not that tough
but I just don't know how to be in love
Don't try to hold me
Don't wish to be with me
Don't ask me to love you
I don't want to hurt you
I've tried to be in loveOnce, twice & even more
it just makes my heart sore
I can't be in love'cause I'm no romantic girl
I'm not that tough
but I just don't know how to be in love
Leave me
& just let go
Hate me
I'm not the one for you
I won't be in love'cause I'm no romantic girl
I'm not that tough
but I just don't know how to be in love
I'm no romantic girl
I'm no romantic girl"

this is a poem by my friend sally from the workshop when i read it i felt as if she worte it for me =D really... it's like saying everything i wanted to's really a dear poem for me =)
thank you sally =D u rux gurl keep it up u r one gr8 poet and i love working with ya :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

weeeeeeeeey i got my own blog :D thnx to my nanush ;) rabena ye7'aleki leya we le eman we noha wel 2oma el 3arbia be 7alha.....
Wht am i gonna rit in here???