Saturday, October 13, 2007

i went to pray "salat al 3eid ", i was all alone by my self.

the weather was so cool and foggy i can c the dew all over cars, tress and if the whole world was all washed from sins and starting a new brand life.

i can hear the emam saying "Allahu akbr kabera Walhumdo lelah kathera..."through the mic so loud and strong.

the masjid was so crowed and i hardly found a place...i love the way the masjid full of ppl , men , women and kids...u can see the joy of eid in there eyes.

some kids had balloons already lol.

i got my camera to take some photos but sadly the batteries were empty =(.

i loved the voice of ppl while praying when they say "Allahu akbr"then saying "Ameen"in the opening all together in one loud come we r a weak ummah? i woner!.

bk after the pray i walk into the fog again...hardly see anything...i thought for a while if it can be paradise...i tried to imagine as hard as i can the houses the gardens...

i felt i was a spirit flying in heaven...the cool breeze was cooling me.

i take a deep breathe and then take it out slowly.

tht was a gr8 feeling...

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