Tuesday, October 23, 2007

well i thought abt riting abt myslef and thnx to who suggested and supported me =Dactually it can be like my biography...so here it is my 1st biography ever in my blog =)

Name: Shams Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa El-Hewify
Nickname: SunShine =)
Date of birth: 29th june 1987
Home: raised in Imbaba, giza had a life time in Zamalek living in 6 october
Studies:Faculty of Specific Education , Mass com. dep.

about myself:
I'm a poet: i love poetry and write english poems
I'm a writer: i love writing, it's the only thing i can do well *i guess*
I'm a musician: i played violin and now playing bass guitar
I'm a reader: i love reading novels soemtimes books, i love reading abt metaphysics.
I'm a human being: i think ppl r all humans no one's higher than anyone we r all gonna die, i hate humilation and stealing most.

i'm looking forward to be the best muslim journalist and take noble prize, i'll also have my own magazin someday isA..
i will

i love animals
i adore dogs as pets they r the best animals =)
i hate cats ans pigs i adore music...english mostly and all kinds of music starting with romantice and pop ending with rock and metal
i like movies...esp. comedy and horrer
i like learning abt super natural powers *ESP* and all the metaphysics world and i'm kinda getting good in it and even rit articles abt it
i like trying new things and everthing *almost*

most people tell me tht i'm empathatic, i have strong empathy ability lol and it's something i'm proud of...feeling others is a gr8 bless =)

i guess tht's all for now..dunno wht else to say if i remembered anything i'll edit isA =)
thnx alot for reading


Wish I were a Butterfly ... said...


You WILL be a successful journalist inshaAllah :)

Try writing some comments to other blogs "that u love", not just any blog& any comment w 7'alas. But choose blogs that u love... in order to recieve a feedback for ur writings as well. that's if u r more interested that ppl would read ur blog. if u r satisfied as u r, sure it's o.k. :) just trying to help wallahy ya gameel.

Anyway, I didn't want any comments at first in my blog... but when ppl started writing to me, I liked it :). certainly u know it.
but seriously i never thought about getting anyone's attention to my blog or addressing anyone for months :) as I liked writing for the purpose of writing... w bass.

sorry, i talked 2 much!! really hope u the best, Shams :)

3ala fekra, I "love" ur name.

SunShine said...

awwww thnx sweetie...well i rit comments for the blogs i like already
and yes ur blog is one of them =) truly..but the the thing is i'm not so good in commenting fa mesh ba comment ktetr awi
i never usd to get comments except from my friends only then..sometimes i find from ppl i don't know..
and yes i liked it too it has a special taste of staisfaction keda..but i don't wanna feel like i'm pushing others to comment in my blog..ya3ni there r ppl who reads without commenting..
anyways thnx alot dear
rabena ye5aleki =)

Wish I were a Butterfly ... said...

:) I didn't mean that u should push anyone to let him comment. surely not.

May Allah please you& bless you the best in life.