Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The rest of me

I lost a part of me somewhere
I kept searching
Still can’t find it anywhere
I can hear it screaming…
I can feel it breathing
But bleeding
Is it lying between words and scars?
Or is it between broken hearts?
Someone took it away
Leaving me insane
Is it? Did I lose my heart?
Is it the missing part?
What else can be missing inside of me?
Thoughts, feelings or dignity?
Lying down…
My body starts to freeze
With nothing left in me
I may rest in peace

"i couldn't sleep last nit at all...there was so much to think abt... i was gonna blow my mind...but i came with the a point...that 1st love can be forgotten if u found another one who can love u even more than the 1st...worth it!..anyways...i just found those words coming out of mind...couldn't rest wihtout letting it out...really leaving a notebook and a pen beside ur bed it so usefull, and by the moment i held the pen the words just came out the way u r reading it now, i didn't even check it after wrting it.. i don't know wht is it suppose to mean..or wht feelings i'm trying to get out of me..but apparently not happy one"

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