Sunday, August 19, 2007

i don't know why i love to write things and do handmade stuff for the ppl i's like "guys u mean so much to me so plz don't forget me , and i wish to give u the world..but this is all i can do for now".
loool sometimes i think it's silly....or actually sometimes i'm afraid tht ppl think it's silly...for me it's the best thing i can ever get...i have box full of letters , notes , cards , and small stuff from all of my leaves a gr8 memory really...even if i don't get the chance to speak with the person again...ppl come and go but the memory remains.
do u remember the gurl from t.s a told u abt b4?....i saw her today...and i wasn't surprised when she said tht she likes to o tht too ! infact i was so happy , so glad and wanted to kiss her and say.."oh u r silly like me!".
loool i wrote her something too, and she read it infront of me *blush*, i hope she read it when she's alone or something..coz i really get sooooo shy ! i have no idea why so but..i don't know...
i was suprised too when i knew tht she reads my blog!...tht's gr8 really...coz i know tht in a way or so...ppl get to read wht i write...even it was in just a blog...even if it's not everyone...even if it's nonesense...and even if they don't comment abt it....but the thing is SOMEONE READS MY WRITING, which make me feel overwhelmed!.

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