Thursday, August 16, 2007

if someone askes me..."wht do u think of shams?"

i'd say for now..

"she's a weird person who act so weird in simple situations! dah! she's so weird!!!!...don't even get close to her ! uh uh...stay away of her!"

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Duon said...

Being weird or strange is okay. We are all created different. There's only one Shams. That's you. Put that in your mind always.

To be Shams, I must do things the way I feel to do it in my own prospective means, not what people want me to do in their ways.

Not because President Bush is stupid, do I have to become stupid to be in his place.

Problems are solved not only one way, but in ways that aren't discovered yet.

A solution comes always with the same answer using alternative ways.

In the end, Follow your own tide & don't do as people of Rome would do.