Sunday, August 12, 2007

some of the reasons y i love 6 october is the long road, i've always loved long distance..walking or driving...sometimes with a nice company...anyways i just love road trips...i feel i explore myself more and think abt everything...and also look through the ppl around me infact i like watching others...hearing their stories..looking into their eyes as if they were talking to me..need someone to talk to...
i remember once i was returing home and there was tht little cute veil gurl sitting nxt to me all the way...then she started asking questions like..."hwa enty nazla feen?" and some stuff like tht...but i saw sadness in her eyes don't know y...then we went off the microbus and found her still standing beside me..then she spoke again.."miss...robat el gazma beta3tek mafkok..7álby balek la7san 7ad yedoslek 3leh "...i didn't hear her at 1st so asked her to repeat it again...i don't know y i was surprised when she told me would someone tell me so!.
again we ride another car togther sitting infron of eachothers...i was looking at her all the way...she kept looking at me if we were having some kinda of eyes talking...
i felt she was afraid to go home..she wanted me to take her with me...almost her eyes was gonna tear..
it was my time to i went down...but she didn't come after me.
i felt i wanted to ask her...r u ok?...r u lost or something?..but i remain silent.

yesterday while going home the driver was gonna fight with one of the passengers..coz he said he was from the police...and shouldn't pay the ticket...
then the driver talked to me"ya 2anesa enty mesh raqba ma3ana mel awel ashahede 3ala 7aga........"
i was happy tht he asked me :D coz i really wanted to say i said.." long as he has the rit to not pay the ticket...u have the rit to ask him abt his ID tht proves he is from the police!"..... the driver was happy and the other man kept staring at me....and i wanted to tell him"c'mooooon it's just 125 pit.! "
does a one pound worth a big fight btw ppl??....why do ppl make big problems out of nothing!

i said i final word to end it..."salo 3ala el naby ya gam3a...el 7ekaya mesh mestahla".


i know i'm gonna be a gr8 journalist one day

p.s: i just remembered a quote

من عاش للناس عاش متعبا و لكن عاش كبيرا و مات كبيرا

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