Monday, August 20, 2007

lol finally i'm travllin' away and everyone gonna breathe =D *kidding*.....
having a holiday in paradise =) anything....i'll sit peacefully meditating thinking abt nothing...
i'll miss my best friends =( my dear band members , my t.s angels =(, i'll miss myself, i'll miss my blog and facebook and silly MSN.
it's not like i'm gonna die..*bas y not just in case* and i know my friends who read this will say "baa3d el shar"... =) it's ok coz it's a sooner or l8er.
ma3lena i wont make it a drama post loool.
back to comedy =D...umm...i don't know wht to say..but i want be better when i get back..i'll just all the pain there and come blank.

a little msg for duon *hope u read it*

i really wanna thank u for still contacting me and reading my nonsense blog =) bgad i apprecitaed tht so much and feel comfort and happy when u reply to one of my posts...i can't deny tht i hated u at 1st when we used to bother eachothers..but u know..things rn't always the way it seems...and really u r one of the best tht i got from the boards...sometimes i wish i can talk to u more and sometimes i wonder y u never came to t.s meetings...yeah i wish to see u too.anyways hope u read this ...and thank you for u words =) good luck.

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Duon said...

First: Ramadan Kareem. You better let your poodles start fasting..

Second: Thanks for your honesty.I'm always hated by everyone :) TS Terrorist title four times in a row .Shams, you have a special gift in you.You're talented.Who says otherwise,is a hater. I sometimes see myself in you.Crazy, isn't it.

Third:I was aboard all this time,that's why I didn't show up in any meeting..

But I did went to the first TS headquarters which was in El-Dokki. I recall it was in the second floor.

After that, I did visit the second headquarters, which was in Fel Mohandessin, El Quodos el-Sharif street. A nice villa, where always a car parked inside,You just scroll up the stairs, Teenstuff posters on the walls,till you bump into the Teenstuff office.

Kelemtna is in the second floor. I was on their black list before TS boards ever started.

Don't forget.. When there's a will, there's a million of ways.

I like this one even much more better

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. ( Thomas Edison)

Keep it up ''Sunshine''