Monday, August 06, 2007

one tiring day..but one of the best ever, i never thought i will go along like tht with the new teenstuff writers , actually one of the reason i'm leaving was being with some many new people...but infact they r the reason i might stay, i'm a bit confused abt tht, but i truly loved them and loved working with them all.
althought we our project ranked first but i'm so upset tht i messed it up a little i was the worst infact and it would be almost perfect if i wasn't so tentioned , anyways...i know they were sad but they didn't show it to me , they even tried to left me up =) which was so gr8 of them. i really feel so sorry for ruining it tht way =(.
i'm not sure abt leaving teenstuff or not yet, but i don't want to lose my friends especialy ppl who really means alot to me and touched me so much.
the 1st person is a young gurl tht i mentioned before in one of my posts...the little me (tht's wht i call her), this gurl really proved how simple and amazing she is...she's not just a copy of me, she's even better and much much cutier loool, anyways...she's unforgetable person...just wish some day she'd remember me too =).
the second person...someone i respect ALOT...loved working with ALOT...she was the lead of the group and almost did most of the job...she deserves ranking 1st really...i'm sure she's gonna be something gr8 in the future...i believe in her so much...always remember her =) and hope she does the same.
i have a terrible headache and my brain gonna i'll take some pills and go to bed :S

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