Thursday, August 02, 2007

a moment with my self...

why do i freak out of love?? why do i ever run away and hide whenever someone says he loves me or even likes me?? i searching for something or is it fear?
afraid to hurt someone...and this would make me hate my self forever.
afraid to get hurt....everyone does hate tht...esp when u trust someone.
afraid to trust someone's words...coz i know promises r hard to be kept.
afraid of commitment.
afraid of responsiblty.
afraid of beening loved by someone who might deserve someone better than me.
afraid to love someone...more than he would.
maybe it's better for me this away of feelings...hide mines and close the door behind it.

if anyone read this , will probably think..."el bet deh mo3kada keda leeh"

and all i can do it...remain silent.

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