Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i was in the taxi when i heard a song by tamer hosni tht says...

محدش فاهم حاجه...محدش حاسس بيه
واحد اتنين تلاته يا عين والباقى مش سائل فيه

i can't remember the words but the song was so deppressing full of sadness and pissmistic , negative thoughts !
why on earth would someone RIT , SING OR COMPOSE SUCH SONG, seriosly it made me hate my self , hate ppl and even wish to DIE... omG!! it is TERRIBLE.
all the song he keeps saying...no one loves me .... no one cares...no one listen....i have no friends bla bla bla...what a pathetic , sick person!...even if some ppl feel like tht , why would he express it and make them feel even worse...
bad bad BAD song...never listen to it

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