Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Last beat

Blup dup...blup dup
my heart beat stopped...
i woke up and found
many ppl gathering around
it seems i'm dead
they r all crying loud

oh God! i'm in a gr8 pedition
no more chances
too l8 for submission
my life is full of sins...
so how am i going to stand btw ur hands?
how am i going to face u?
if i took my book with my left hand
how did u keep talking to my friends?
and 4get to pray the dawn
none of my friends r with me now
i'm dead and all alone

how can i b such a fool?
and didn't realize everything you gave to me
how can i be so cruel?
and don't thank u for wht u did to me
wish i could turn back time
and do my best to reach heaven
it's too l8 to regret...
but can i still b forgiven?

blup dup...blup dup
my heart beats again
thank God it was just a dream
so plz 4give my sins
My merciful lord
thank you for ur bless
thank you for giving me another chance
and reminding me of death

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