Sunday, September 17, 2006

it was one cool day thought it started with a scary morning lol!
ok when i was ridding in the minibus on my way to colg , and there was tht gurl beside me when i saw a big spider with very thin , tall legs :S!!! and yes i hate insects so did she =D so i was paniced :O !! but i kinda freaked her out looool
then i arrived colg peacfully...
i was gonna say to hi to a friend but i found her screaming " WE HAVE A LECTURE NOW!!" =D loool so i ran to catch the lecture and found my friends inside..ohhhh i missed them alot esp, shroq and mona :)
but really i was soooooo happy to c them all !!
the subject seems interesting this term photography , directing , psychology..... it's a busy year
i hope from my heart to do my best....and get emtyaz ya rab!!!
wish me luck ;)

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spellz said...

Wat a nice poem Shams I loved it