Monday, September 18, 2006

Am i weird or it's just my hair? looool
i dunno i feel i'm....not like the others :D or maybe i c life from a completely different view.
it's funny how some ppl act...esp the mean ppl who r doing their best to bother me
c'mon guys!
i'm not tht bad am i?
some ppl said i'm cute , sweet , kind and even smart !
honestly i believe i'm just a funny person who love to make others happy...kinda think it's my job here =D
so no need to be jealous from me :S (i hate to say tht) but look around u'll find ppl how REAL cute , sweet and smart :D and whtever
u really don't have to love me...but don't try to pretend so coz i know from the heart tht u don't like me at all =D


Mohamed said...

dear Sunshine ....

the world is a mixture of all kinds of people those who will love you those who will hate you..those who will like you and those who just wont have anything for you or against you....

i wont be saying that those who hate you are jealous of you because i know it wont be true..

i may not be sure why they do hate you but i wont really bother to find out why......

neither should you...
you are who you are..good and bad the whole package,and its for the people to see either the good over the bad or the bad over the good

or they will see who you really are the bad with the good and they will accept you for who you are,not for what they want you to be,which is quiet wonderful because who you are is really good

they may see all the good in you and you dont see it all...or they could be just saying wat they feel... and even though thier words may not be convincing enough

sometimes just sometimes you should listen to what they say..and if you belive in them,belive in thier words ..but know that even if you ont they will still feel the same way about you =) that is the good thing about ppl

if they see something true,something real they will hold on to it and i belive u are one of the ppl who deserve to be held on to

sadness and bitterness of the world could not be stopped, the crulty of the ppl who hate you and the pain of the wounds will still be the same for all times thats a fact

but its your choice how to face it and more importantly with whom should you face it
because sometimes you will find yourself afraid,confused but those around you will be there to push you towards a place that you call home

there is always not just one but a a whole line standing around you in the shadows .... helping you and not wanting to be in the picture.... or in the picture but in a manner diffrent from how strong they really should be

just know that the pain will come, the wounds will come ...but along comes the ppl who want you to be happy, along comes those who are willing to take the stab for you and those who carry the tools to heal your wounds,listen to you and gentely removing the tears on your face...looking at you as your your friends or even just total strangers who care

Mohamed said...

oh yes and one last thing i forgot to add .... =) ppl dont have to love didnt ask them to do so...they dont do it because they have to ..... thier love for you is a gift,a peice from thier heart,mind and soul just for you

the reason behind thier love is only that you are who you aer and they are who they are ... they simply love you because they want it not because they have to don't say that again...because the only thing that no one needs

everyone have thier own heart...if you happen to take a place in thier its because they gave it to you willingly not for any other reason

=) and know that when someone tells you i love you, i care for you and thank you ...... they are loving you for who you are ...caring for you because you ve been there before for them , and most of all

they thank you because of the sensation you made them feel weather u felt the same way ..or not