Monday, September 18, 2006

It hurts when u act so tough
but i'm sure i'm still ur love
you want me 2 4get
but how can i do tht?
when i still feel u around
i still c ur picture
i still hear ur sound
and u want me 2 4get
but how can i do tht?
Do i 4get how much u loved me?
how can i do tht?....
how can it be?
when u promised me once....
tht u'll never leave me
No doubt! i believed u in tht
even when things went alittle bad
Trust me....
wht happened isn't against us at all
God wanted to catch us b4 we could fall
cause if we fell we wont get up
and maybe our love spark would stop
So don't worry....
wait and u'll c
God want the best for u and me
i know u'll still ask me 2 4get
but really...
i can't do tht.

"tht was the 1st topic i posted in teenstuff boards =) yeah a poem! and thank God many ppl liked it =D it made like 3 pages when it was there....i made this blog to write my poems in it so i thought abt riting the old ones's not my best but it's one of my fav. hope u like it too ;) beeep =D"

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Mohamed said...

well shams... i never got to read it on the forums, so this is my first viewing to that poem...but i think of it more of a prose than a poem

=) the feeling is strong in it, and the strength of the belive in God in it is wonderful, weather before or after or in the process of writting the poem you had it and that gives the writting faith and power beyond some of the others because it came from the heart