Tuesday, September 25, 2007

seeing the world and seeing my life from a completely new..LENSE!. i got a new glasses it look so neat lol making me dizzy till now.
but it made me see my life in a different way...more clear..more wide..more...i dont know. but even when simple things change..larg things change too.


abo salah said...

بعد السلام عليكم

if we look to the world by our eyes
or through the glasses , the truth not to be changed
the truth that the world is the world

but if the glasses make u look to the world by more Optimism and more clear , so u must keep it

thanks for ur Beautiful visits

and iam sorry to be late for visit u

وكل سنة وأنتي طيبة

SunShine said...

aww thnx alot begad menwar walahi =D i really appreciate tht