Monday, September 10, 2007

the last week was a mixing of happieness and sadness together...1st on wednsday a dear family member passed away...she was like my real grandma as we spend fridays with her as we used to do with my grandparents...all of a sudden she left...i wish i have seens her before going away...or maybe it was better so i don't feel more bad...actually it was weird how i reacted after i knew the news..
we were all sleeping and my sisters were there too...then suddenly i heard my sister dee crying i thought i was dreming so i kept sleeping then i woke up again on everybody's cry... i paniced from bed a ran over to them i found everyone crying.
i don't know but i cried before knwoing the news...then my 2nd sis told me , "teta shafa3a tawfet".
i was paused for a while...sit on a chair and kept silent for few hours with my hands on my head...i didn't cry though...i don't know i felt i am in a long boring dream and i was trying to wake up...tht night was so so long one..thank God it passed.


Inji said...

Sudden deaths always pass like nightmares...and it takes a looong time to realize the truth...long enough for grief and sorrow to begin to fade...when i remember my grannie's death, shock is always first before grief..its' been 9 months and there's still the feeling of's Allah's mercy to make death something so big that man can't realize..or that's what i personally think..

SunShine said...

yeah i know wht ur talking abt i lost my granie 2 yrs ago now..still..we r all trying to adapt the new life...
sometimes i feel tht it's been so so so long and sometimes i feel as if she died yesterday