Monday, September 24, 2007

I cried last nit as i wished, i was about to sleep but i couldn't so i sit in bed and just brust into tears , stuffed my head in the pillow as i always do,i don't know y i was crying or y i felt like i wanna cry.
i miss lots of things...

i miss my dogs
i miss our family fridays
i miss my old friends
i miss travis mullen
i miss dreaming
i miss feeling blessed from inside
i miss my inner self
i miss myself very much

somtimes i wonder who am i now?

i think i need to cry more tonit


Banota said...

& me too spent yesterday crying & searching for myself….but now I know n't only one how doing tht but there r more people done tht and still searching for their solves
I know Im taking in gnarled way but it's true both couldn't get them self or couldn't discover it... Anyway, we have to be dreamers so we can stop crying and be mad so we can live... In addition, we have to ask god to bless us
At the end, I wanna say tht happiness may be in front of our eyes but it doesn't seen even if beautiful things disappeared. ……….Just try to see it.......
hope i wasn't for z birds :) .. w law 2alak eih aw3a tesebo ya alby :D:D remeber this song ya owsh

Enki said...

Well..if it would make you feel better I spent a couple of minutes last night crying too...
I cried because i wish i felt happy like everyone who had succeeded like me and joined the faculty he/she had always dreamed of and worked hard i realise that i've worked hard and still i'm not happy with myself.. and i can't say i've entered the faculty i've dreamed of...and i know i won't feel happier if i changed it.. and i see everyone happy with what he/she had achieved and that's what maked me sad...i have to tolerate and pray that this is the best choise por moi...