Saturday, September 15, 2007

a reply for duon: poodles anymore =)..they didn't pass away, but if u checked my older posts u'd know tht i had to let them go...well long story better not to recall.

i'm so gratfull for ur trust in me Ali , honestly i still wonder y do u tell me this and u don't know me that much.u didn't read much of my stuff too and actually i do want to send u some of my writtings and take ur opinion...i really appreciate it so much coz i believe u r saying the truth without compliments.

and i remind u of ur self? REALLY? lol u sounded like 30 yrs old saying so, but thnx for such a thing =).
well i still have many to say and many to ask too =D....

thnx alot again for ur care =) now i check my blog every hour to c ur replies =D loool

Sub7an Allah!


IRC President said...

There is an option in the blogger settings where you can send your blogs and comment notification directly to your mail as both instant notification and backup, instead of feeling anxious waiting for the comments :).

IRC President said...

And welcome to duon's comments :P

SunShine said...

loool thnx!