Saturday, September 15, 2007

-i've been waiting for ramadan long time...i need those spiritual awesome moments. makes me feel content, and i planned to make it one of my best ramadans ever isA.
it's still passing so weirdly not like the every ramadan, fridays r even weirder....there is no our usual " lamaet el fetar" there is a different lama now new families and new faces , new grandparents , new grandchildren and new aunts =).
pretty new , pretty getting old.

-i don't know why i always dream of ppl who wants to kill me?, and mostly i fighting and trying to protect others sometimes dogs...weird...usualy i die in the end and i feel how death is like mostly.
y am i protecting others and not me? y i don't think abt myself even in my own dreams ?

-tomorrow 1st day at colg and last yr in it too, can't deny my fears but i want to be stronger and stronger than the last yrs.
isA i'll get gayed gedan as my final grade and will get emtyaz in my graduation's project =).
i'm praying to be one of the best journalists and writers , having my own best selling mag. having nobel prize.....

=) i'll go pray

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