Monday, September 10, 2007

it's amazing how i can make others happy =) yes i feel i can do tht for real. seeing them smiling laughing and hugging me tenderly is a gr8 feeling.
seeing them all around me makes feel happy...i am happy..really i am.
maybe my mind was little busy...but i was doing my best to be in the mood, sorry if i ruinded it a bit..but thank u for making me happy...being happy is an easy thing to make.
thank you.
i'm happy
i'm glad
i feel good
am i crazy?

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الأستاذ said...

hope to be happy for ever isa, but the best to make others happy too, w ba3dain mesh kol wa7ed haye3meloh 3alam b2a walla a7san el wa7ed yel7a2loh 3alam 2bl el 5as5asa, nice to know there is otehr world hope to be nothing wrong in it.