Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Random thought -2-

Ever thought of leaving egypt?

I might do, in fact I'm planning to go somewhere else, my aunt is in London and my eldest sister will travel to KSA in few months.
I've thought of starting a new life where I can build myself, I know you'd probably say.." you can still do the same here", but sometimes we need to run away from everything and start over one more time at least to clear your mind.
Still, life wont be so easy especially if I went to London I'll have a problem with my veil, and if I went to KSA I'll have a problem with being egyptian lol.
I'm dreaming of making my masters degree, I want to learn, DO and breathe journalism until I open my magazine.
Apparently, I'll feel homesick, it's not easy to leave everything behind, my friends , family , life , air , home…
Now I can imagine myself…
I'll b missing everything even the tok tok boys…
I'll miss the bad things I used to hate as I'll miss the lovely, sweet things.
I'll miss myself being there
I'll miss every single place I went to.
And of course I'll keep hearing my favorite dalida's songs, 7elwa ya balady – salma ya salama and a7san nas… shereen's song " mashrebtesh men nelha" and latifa's " 3ash2ana". I'll listen to them every now and then till my eyes look like two wety ping bong balls.
All of this is just a thought

p.s: I'm thinking of releasing my 1st poetry book

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