Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Change the channel

I read about something called change the channel, where all bloggers are suppose to write positive posts about Egypt.
I thought it would be nice if I joined too, but I realized I haven't written any negative posts about Egypt from the first place to write a positive one.
Egypt as a country isn't bad, in fact the people of the country are the only one who can give a bad or a good image for their country, culture or religion.
So we'd find that the main problem is in the people themselves, still people are not the same so we can not judge a whole nation for some of them even if these "some" are pretty much!
I admit that most of Egyptian movies really SUCK between every 10 movies only 2 or 1.
All of them have the same theme (which shows every single bad thing in Egypt), it's not a problem to indicate our negatives…but what's the point??? We already know what's going on! Maybe we should indicate solutions for our problems or the positive things so people can have some hope! On the bright side we came up with new genres of movies which are silly comedy / repeated tragedy and fake action =D
It's frustrating…

i actually prefer the social comedy movies like ahmed helmy's style….he's a genius who worth a " hats off"

that's it I'm done writing today

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