Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wht i won from teenstuff boards was a larg group of friends , caring , loving and everything u can want in friendship =), no it's not just words...but they shinned my life in a way.
i know they rn't younger than me so much...but i feel tht i'm responsible for all of them...they became a part of my life,as if they were my family...tht's y i feel i must take care of them as much as i can...always be there whenever they needed me...they r not just friends (sounds weird, yes)...but as i said they filled up my life...maybe coz i never had a little bro or sis..mostly i was the youngest among my friends and family....
i'm really glad whenever i'm with them, and so happy tht they love me too , they always make me smile and cheer me up without knowing i'm upset =).
it's a gr8 feeling coz now i know tht when i die , there will be some ppl who will remember me forever.they r some of the best ppl ever =) and i'm lucky.
once i was told from a friend tht, i touch ppl's heart and leave a sign in them forever =) tht i was so sweet of him, i hope it can be true.
i thank God for giving me fact i always love to say a do3a2 in my prayers tht make me calm and happy it says" Allahum 2erzokny 7obak wa 7ob man 2a7abk wa 7ob 3amlen yokrebony el 7obak", and i feel tht this prayer is answered =)
Thank you God.


emy said...

that was one cute post =)

but i'm sorry to tell u that u've been tagged :P

Inji said...

I maybe not as good as that gentleman who told you "i touch ppl's heart and leave a sign in them forever"
but i'll try to say're one of my first thoughts in the morning
i know it's lame but i know you know how much you mean to me.
Thanks for your love ^.^
I do cherish your friendship

SunShine said...

guess wht emy...maybe i'm not older than u...but to tell u the truth u were one of the most affective ppl in me...really...i always loved being with since the meetings...c'mon i'm not gonna tell u abt it...gurl i owe u alot =) words for u at all.. =) it's more than just words..and bgad u mean alot to me

p.s:it's not lame =)