Friday, February 16, 2007

Some ppl pass through ur life leaving a strange feeling inside of u , that makes u search for them all ur life...that person who left u up and made u toch the stars.
that is y we have an empty space in our hearts...waiting for him to fill it up. but sometimes we stop and think... when r u gonna come? missed u big time.
then you keep cry for his absence..cry for how u feel lonely in this , while many friends and family are around you...
but there is just tht thing tht still missing inside u, u miss the feeling of stroking ur head gently , or a soft kiss on ur forehead.
some whispers in ur ears " hey, it's ok now ", " i'm here"..."shhh i don't wanna c ur tears, though u look beautifull when u cry".
u think about all these thoughts in the late night , while ur looking out side ur window.
wipe your tears then go to sleep and your mind is still thinking...

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