Tuesday, February 06, 2007

From a mother and a baby's diaries

I heard her voice calling my name
i saw her tears falling like rain
i looked to her with a smile
and started to sing a lullaby
she finaly fell asleep
but when i was about to go
she started to weep
i came in again, stroked her head
i leaned to kiss her,
and slept beside her in bed
i relaxed when i felt her near
she hugged me tenderly
that i lost my fear
my little hands were over her face
my head over her chest
that made me feel ease
i wish i can grow up and say:
"i love you dear mother"
and " happy mother's day"

p.s: inspired by lojayn =)


Islam Taha said...

That was Awesome really ... and the pic mesa3da 2wy .. maybe u can tell them to publish it just like this

SunShine said...

thnnnnnnnnnnnnnnx =)
i'll try to tell them