Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I don't know...
am i too late ?
or it just the rite time
i only believe it's fate
who lead us to know eachothers
i don't know...
did we fell in love?
were we only friends?
i knew one day
that it's gonna ends
i don't know...
how you simply took me away from the world
to somewhere far...
somewhere beyond
all in a sudden
just like this...
i became a princess
and you were my prince
in a big fantasy palace
i was wearing a long pink dress
where we danced all night
though u were wearing black...
u looked so bright
was it coz the star i pinned in ur suit?
oh! i never told u..
it made u look so cute
i don't know..
tht way u looked at me
made me dream of this fantasy
now u will go without knowing this
wihtout knowing how much
ur gonna be missed.
* ok i was suppose to write a poem for march issue , it was suppose to be related to mother's day and so... so my mind was so clear i couldn't think of a new idea....so i decided to just hold my pen and start writing wht ever i feel...wht ever inside....loool and tht is how exactly tht poem was written...lol i'm not even sure it's a poem...and aparently it's AWAY of mother's day =D...after i realized tht it's not good for march at all....i thought a little and wrote the other poem u'll read just after this post , and it was a new nice idea..just hope i wrote it good enf , as i felt this one"


Lust said...

Maybe it's late .

SunShine said...

u know...everything comes in the right time...and it's never too l8 for something to do.
i believe so

Anonymous said...

thts totally true but not an excuse to be in denial .

SunShine said...

tht is so far away from denial, and i'm not trying to make it an excuess