Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i feel i'm a stranger here, am i a human? some times i doubt in tht
nothing is appreciated in this life...not love...not care....almost nothing
i can't trust love....don't wanna feel this word anymore
i can't feel it....
never thought tht love would break me like tht one day...just wish i can blow up , lose my memory or just shoot my self!
oh God plz help me
ur the only one i trust
i hate to be weak
plz plz plz get me out of here

(yeah y would ever someone care to read my....... )


mohamed said...

=) one of the reasons we are still to have hope in life,one of the reasons we feel both happiness and sadness at the same time is us not being able to find the final destination of our own shams,but it's who we are on the inside that gives us real comfort....

the humanity of ourselves or our surroundings can be very tangable and could have a thousand forms that all differs ....u might not be human at all or u could be the best human could be...

but both must feel life even if you can't

love and it's wounds don't kill, they will be benfeitial that you shall see for yourself later on

and well my only advice is be who you really believ you are not who you ought to be or with whom you should be to be that person...or to be happy and popular,because both will be redifined by time

just be the person in which you will find love and trust it even if not in people but from within you and for you

and in that matter it wont be selifshness on the countrary,it will be well put and well given to only those worthy of getting it

and you are quiet wrong...there are lots who read and those who care..but take it from me not everyone likes to go out and talk in public,many preferes the shadows..even if they want to take actions they don't

so just have faith,not everything you dont see,not everything you dont feel is not there.....and when the rite time comes you will understand thier scilence perhaps even appreciate it

=) this time i am to hope you get to read this's long after but time does fly by

SunShine said...

to tell u the truth i kept reading this for like 5 times =D
i don't know but i feel it has more to say than wht's written already (mesh 3arfa if u get me wala la2)
so i'm like trying to find wht beneath lool...
i feel as if eny lazem 2a2f we a7ot edy wara dahry and listen to my mission :D

anyway i bet tht's is not long at all mokarntan with ur other posts lool bas really it was never boring 4 me
after i wrote this post i was confused for few weeks...
had 3 choices infront of me...
till...i had a dream...a good one elhumdolelah tht made me live again...or made me c which path to go through...
it's working on elhumdolelah =) and i feel much better, i feel i'm back to my old self...
though colg is making me so so busy but it's better that way isA i wish to get high grades this yr and the following one isA
and i'll wish for the dream to come true =)

one more thing: i believe taking an action is much better than being in the shadow...don't lose a chance..coz maybe the otherside wants u to take tht step..or maybe u mean it's not it's time??
well kol 7aga btegy fe wa2taha...
and sometimes u find things u never expected to happened or u never thought it can be (tht was part of wht i got from the dream lol, though it wasn't abt someone specific)

p.s: now tht is a LONG post ya rab matkonsh nemt fel a7'er :D lol.

thnx =)

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