Friday, November 10, 2006

i can't leave my hair tall...never's against the rules lol my rules.
so i had to go to the hairdresser ASAP!
when i pointed with my finger to show her the high i want ( i guess i pointed wrong or she saw it wrong).... she cut it shorter than i wanted =D so it's..... tooo short now.
but it looks really cool, i look completely diff. it the st time to cut it tht short lol. looks like meg rayan's in french kiss movie lol, yes it's THT short!
atleast i wont wear any hair clips or anything like tht, just maybe 2 little tic tocs =)
i'll get used to it soon =D
shahinaz will kill me when she sees me =D (rabena yostor)
*taking a deep breathe* now i feel better...
as i always say...i usually cut my hair when i'm in a bad new look makes me feel i'm a new person...
short hair ROCKS!
maybe it's i ruleZ lol.


still breathing said...

i never liked long hair either... wanna c urs..plzzzzzzz!

SunShine said...

ohhhh =D sure hunny
i wont 4get when we meet, mesh haykon le7e2 yetwal awi bas mesh 3awza tarya2a :D lol